Bringing Saro to market has required extraordinary teamwork and
partnership to develop the product and demonstrate its exceptional properties.


The Saro would certainly not exist if Olivier BEHRA had not decided to launch it on the international market, it would not exist either if Adana RADANIELA, the director of AROMA FOREST and his team had not developed production in support of local communities, its phytochemistry would not be well understood without the work on chemical variations carried out by Saroy RASOLOSON and her collaborators, the marketing would have been delicate without the work of Michel PIDOUX who, within the NGO L’Homme et l’Environnement, supervised the doctors of Arova (Aromatherapists of Vakinankaratra) for the launch of clinical work from 2009.

This is not to mention the incredible teamwork of bringing together women collectors, field technicians, researchers, specialists, but also ethical salespeople and managers who have made it possible to show the importance of this essential oil and to have it recognised as being a care product of fundamental importance for humanity.

Olivier Behra

Olivier Behra

a committed environmentalist for over 30 years, has devoted his career to working to find more effective solutions for the sustainable preservation of biodiversity, in particular through the economic development of natural resources in local communities. Founder of the NGOs L’Homme et l’Environnement and Man And Nature, he has worked in more than 20 countries. He initiated the creation of the company AROMA FOREST and CONNECTED BEAUTIES.


is an agricultural engineer who started his career as a quality control manager in the shrimp industry. After being recruited into the social and solidarity enterprise AROMA FOREST, he did a year of specialisation in essential oils at the University of Louvain in Belgium.

In 2010 he took over the management of the company with a very small core team. The volumes of local production and exports (Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, and.) Have gradually increased and since 2018 the company has provided income to more than 6,000 people for the equivalent of 1,500 permanent rural jobs.

EL PH Saroy - crop


is an engineer with a specialty in agro-management. Motivated by the preservation of the environment and the future of the planet, she has been involved in the associative world with the NGO L’Homme et l’Environnement for more than 10 years. A pragmatic professional and manager,

she has become an expert in the development of ethical product lines with some of the largest international cosmetics and perfumery companies. In particular, supporting the development of Benefit Sharing Agreements within the framework of international conventions on biological diversity.


Doctor of Biology, is a founding member of the Aromatherapy Sans Frontières association. He became involved, with his wife, in the NGO L’HOMME ET L’ENVIRONNEMENT and AROMA FOREST from 2008 to offer the best use of essential oils and particularly Saro to local populations. He has developed a partnership network for carrying out clinical studies on the uses of essential oils from Madagascar, the results of which are most promising.

He is the author of the books “Knowledge of Yesterday and Today, Hopes for Tomorrow – Essential Oils from Madagascar; Clinical Results for the Future” and “Essential Oils from Madagascar. Clinical Uses and Results”.