In 2015, the selection of the best easy-to-use and effective essential oils of the popular science magazine “That interests me” places SARO in the forefront as being an oil to use to face autumn and winter.


“60 million consumers” in its January-February 2016 issue underlined that “without throwing stones at pharmacists”, many of whom “do not count their time to deliver advice”, pharmaceutical companies often pass through the system.

In the chapter “How to take care of yourself? », the magazine recognised for its seriousness selected SARO to fight against influenza thanks to the antiviral and expectorant properties of this essential oil.

The COVID 19 crisis has led professionals to realise the fundamental importance of essential oils including Saro.

For the Institute of Energy and Natural Medicine: “faced with the coronavirus, the main thing is to” boost “our immune system, which constitutes the best possible prevention, before all other measures”. For this, saro is one of the two essential oils “essential for this indication” that can be useful in prevention and from the first symptoms.

The “Plantes & Santé” (Plants & Health) Coronavirus article includes saro in the proposed “phytoaromatic protocol to strengthen the immune system”

Saro is also among the “6 essential oils” to face Covid-19, to be used to “Boost your immune defences…” according to Virginie Brevard, doctor of pharmacy and aromatherapist, guides us on essential oils