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The properties


An exceptionally safe-to-use essential oil that helps fight both virus and bacteria, particularly through the reinforcement of the immune system.

Research shows that SARO relieves cold symptoms, sinusitis, fatigue and depression.

We realize with fascination that essential oil easily passes through skin, strengthening our immune system in depth to help fight against respiratory infections and viral epidemics.

From a scientific perspective, the totum effect of the terpenic molecules, present in this essential oil, acts in synergy with its monoalcohols. This confirms the relevance of its use for generations in the west of Madagascar to neutralize poisons and provide a stimulating effect. Local healers had access to hundreds of medicinal plants and, for generations, have chosen the plant that makes the Saro as being the most efficient in preventing and treating the greatest number of diseases.

Monoterpenes – particularly the 1,8 cineole molecule found in significant percentage in the Saro – are scientifically recognized for their aerial antiseptic effect and analgesic properties. They are also powerful adrenal cortical stimulants, providing an instant immune system boost.
The World Health Organization recognizes the benefit of essential oil use to « treat inflammation of the respiratory tract, throat or the mucous membranes of the mouth » (taken internally), as well as to « relieve rheumatic pain » (used externally).


Essential oils, when applied to the skin, do not remain on the surface. Their lipophilic nature allows them to pass through layers of skin in order to penetrate inside of our organism. They are then caught up by microcirculation and naturally follow blood flow to be distributed throughout the body. In this manner, they reach the cellular level and contribute to the destruction of pathogens (germs, mycoses, viruses, infectious toxins) and even to the elimination of metabolism waste, whilst respecting the integrity of beneficial flora (saprophyte).


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